Controlling Robots With WiiMote

Robotic WiiMote Controlling LegoNXT

What it is?
-Application designed using .NET C#, it allows to control a bot with wiimote, it works converting movements into data that is sent over sockets to the robot interface.
-Only two axis of the wiimote are used, X and Y, each for fwd-rwd and left-right movement, the data received from wiimote is validated using a minimum and maximum value for each axis, when these values are reached commands are sent to the robot interface using sockets.
-Some code related to the HID protocol was re-used from WiiMoteComm.

-Dead Center - creates a margin arround minimum and maximum values so it dont start to sent different commands if you shake your hand near one of these values.
-CheckBox - swaps X and Y.
-WiiMote A Button - sends 'stop command' to the bot and disconnects the socket connecting the wiimote interface to the robot interface.


Download - Robotic WiiMote (.NET Framework2.0 required)

Videos - Robotic WiiMote working:

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