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Linux API (18 August 2006)

I developed some api's to interact with the nxt over bluetooth in linux enviromnent it uses the bluez bluetooth api's and knowledge from lego's communication protocol released in the Development Kit's by Lego. It still is an alpha version coded over 2 nights. In the next days im gona get it alot better.
Currently it has error debuging, packet lag detection, it sends messages over bluetooth correctly encapsulated in the lego communication protocol and get bat status in milli volts, to use this messages just do a simple program in NXT-G to do an action when the wanted messaged is received (a loop with a switch does the job).
In the next days i will add sensors support(easy job since the hard part is done).

Download - NXT-PC Linux (old)

NXT PC - Windows API - GUI Interface (26 September 2006)

This application let you control your bot over the web and many other functions, its still in beta version like all my other work :P, it uses some sockets to listen for words received in the tcp port you specify, and if that keyword is in the trigger list (you can edit the list) that word is sent to the NXT brick as an bt message that you can use in the NXT-G program inside the brick, i have put an php script has example in the .zip file that sends a word to the application.

New: v0.2 - hotkeys implemented, now you can define almost any key to send a specified bt message to the brick.

Usage(php script): http://localhost/nxtpc.php?cmd=word

Download - NXT-PC Windows Binary
Download - NXT-PC Source Code (Borland C++ Builder project)
Download - remotec.rbt - NXT-G program i use inside the brick its a simple switch inside a loop that receives bt messages and does an action with the specified message.

NXT Symbian - NXT Remote Control for Java Cellphones (07 October 2006)

NXT-Symbian IS NOW HOSTED AT SOURCEFORGE http://nxt-symbian.sourceforge.net/

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