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Connecting BasicX-24 to Dual H-Bridge Controller (02 May 2007)

BOTDriver.bas controls 2 motors using the Dual H-Bridge v2.0 Motor Controller from Lynxmotion, you can control the motors from COM1 by sending a direction and speed.

Connecting Electronics:
BasicX-24 <-> Motor Controller
Pin5 <-> A+
Pin6 <-> A-
Pin7 <-> B+
Pin8 <-> B-
OC1A <-> Aenable
OC1B <-> Benable

With LynxMotion Mini-Abb Bot Board:
If you are using a Mini-ABB board just connect A+,A-,B+,B- from the motor controller to the P0,P1,P2,P3 in Mini-ABB, because P0,1,2,3 are directly connected to BasicX-24 Pin5,6,7,8.

PWM Implementation
Serial Communication
Various Directions

Terminal -> Bot
1-9 -> 10%-90% Speed Motors
0 -> 100% Speed
f -> Forward
b -> Backward
r -> Right
l -> Left
s -> Stop
+ -> increments speed
- -> decrements speed


I wrote the code with this motor layout in mind but this can be changed very quickly by editing the direction suubroutines in the code.

Download: BOTDriver.bas

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